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Wash Mitts our finest car wash mitts and pads. Made from heavy-duty long wearing Lorene synthetic fibers. These highly efficient scratch-proof, double-faced mitts and pads carry an abundance of soap and water and withstands heat, gasoline and detergents

Applicators & Sponges for applying wax and polish to paint or dressings to exterior trim and tires. Also works well to apply interior protectants and conditioners to vinyl and leather.

Towels, Microfiber Towels & Chamois will act like a sponge towards water, dirt and grime pulling them safely away from the car surface.

Car and Tire Brushes Perfect for detailing purposes because it\\'s designed to provide a fast and easy way to clean a car tires, carpet etc. Use to remove dirt, grime from body, grill, tires and wheel wells.

Sprayer, Bottles, Pump Sprayer Premium quality products that are very convenient to use for dispensing, diluting and mixing chemical specialties. Available in various shapes, sizes and colors suited for variety of applications mainly for cleaning purposes.

Vacuum Hose & Nozzle Manufactured for superior toughness, long life and maximum durability. Best cleaning tools designed for different upholstery, carpet heights, and floor types.

Hoses & Nozzle High-quality tools that offer a plenty of power. They have the durability and versatility a busy detailer needs. Hose Nozzle gives the perfect stream of water for any job. Flexible hoses are right for air, water and other cleaning solutions as well, and has a maximum kink and abrasion resistance.

Buffer & Pads Effective tools for auto detailing that work together to accomplish desired-exceptional results in a reduced amount of time. Specially designed for cleaning, waxing and polishing purposes to restore and maintain your vehicle. Pads quickly cleans, removes and enhances surface appearance. Buffers are polishers that can eliminate swirl marks, deep scratches, heavy oxidation and other paint imperfections. Makes the job easier not only for professional detailers.

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